Soji Adesina

Colour of The Coloured

Colour of the Coloured is an ongoing body of work that critically examines racialisation by highlighting the implication of language with keen focus on skin tone. As a visual interpretation of the word ‘colour(ed)’, derived from the term ‘people of colour’, this body of work seeks to reflect the ways in which the phrase has been used to categorise and segregate races based on skin tone, and most times with overt or subtle hint of superiority within the colour spectrum. Originally coined to refer to the Black race, the connotation of the term ‘coloured’ has expanded to include other people outside of the White race. In spite of the seeming progressiveness perceived as a result of global integration, the politics of skin is very much present and is reflected in (un)favourable socio-economic policies formed based on racial categorisation in multi-racial societies. With pun intended in both title and visual expression, a variety of bold and intense colours are used to emphasise the connotations of ‘colour(ed) skin’ in a simplistic sense to draw attention to the issue being addressed.
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