Soji Adesina


Soji Adesina (b. 1981 in Lagos, Nigeria) is a multidisciplinary artist working across painting, graphic design, film, photography, sculpture, and installation. With acrylic as his primary medium of visual expression, recurrent themes addressed in his works include identity, language, migration, science and evolution, globalisation, and conflict.

Artist Statement

I am interested in complexity of human behaviour and how it shapes certain socio- cultural issues like identity, language, migration, science and evolution, globalisation, and conflict. Consequently, these interests have formed the basis of themes that feature recurrently in my works over the years of my professional practice.

Although a multidisciplinary artist, I am particularly drawn towards painting because it comes naturally to me as a medium of expression. More so, the physical properties of paint in itself and the dynamic possibilities of what is achievable with it, keeps me curious about the new opportunities it can present and lend to the evolution of my visual expression. Nonetheless, the need to achieve a unique aesthetic value that reflects best the context of the subject and theme being explored, ultimately informs the medium I work with.

My work process has been a combination of different artistic styles of expression. As a child, I was obsessed with Frank Frazetta’s drawings and as an adult, admired works of Mike Omoighe, Wangechi Mutu and Egin Schieles. Still, I have with time, forged a distinctive style through radical experimentation with materials and techniques resulting in a deliberate distortion and exaggeration to the portraiture and figurative forms I create.

Over the years, I have realized the importance of research in the development of a body of work, and the role of experimentation in pushing the boundaries of possibilities in creating art. It is my hope that those who come across the works I create not only enjoy the aesthetics but also, ponder on the context within which they were created.